Welcome to the extraordinary team behind The Old School of Singing ®

(Under VOICE MASTER PRO Association. Italy)


Our collective talent spans the globe, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for our valued students around the World.

Our Board members:

In Spain, our brilliant Lawyer Iván Suárez Tellechea and his team safeguard our legal matters worldwide with precision and expertise. Our Executive Assistant Mayra Alessandra Long in Dallas keeps our operations running seamlessly, providing efficient support for The Old School of Singing ®

From Italy, our talented Pianist Collaborator Maestro Stefano Adabbo adds enchanting melodies to our repertoire, adding depth and artistry to our performances. Our Financial Advisor in Rome Alessio Redda ensures sound financial decisions, guiding us toward a prosperous future.

Our official Representative for the MENA Middle East and North Africa region, the Rising Dubai Star Ahmed Alhosani, is the bridge that connects us with the dynamic Emirate world. Together, we aim to bring the beauty of vocal training traditions of the Old School of Singing to the forefront, enriching the lives of aspiring singers in all Arabic countries.

In Italy and around the world, our trusted career advisor, Mr. Mattia Campetti, IMG Artists Manager, brings invaluable expertise to guide our students toward a potentially successful global career. With a deep understanding of the industry, Mr. Campetti provides invaluable feedback and guidance, helping our students navigate the intricacies of the worldwide music scene.

Iván Suárez Tellechea

our esteemed Lawyer, and his team at www.suarezdevivero.com With a wealth of legal expertise and a commitment to excellence, provide top-notch legal services to The Old School of Singing.

Mayra Alessandra Long

our exceptional Executive Assistant. Mayra plays a vital role in keeping our operations running smoothly. Her efficient support ensures The Old School of Singing operates at its best.

Ahmed Alhosani

In Dubai, our MENA Representative, the Rising Dubai Star Ahmed Alhosani, connects The Old School of Singing between the dynamic Emirate world and Arabic countries.

Alessio Redda

Guiding us with expertise, Mr. Redda serves as our accountant and Financial Advisor in Rome, ensuring sound financial decisions that pave the way for a prosperous future.

Mr. Mattia Campetti

our career advisor empowers students with the expertise he has as IMG Artists Manager. He offers consultation to our aspiring and professional artists toward a thriving career.

Maestro Stefano Adabbo

With an illustrious background as an official pianist from Teatri: La Scala, La Fenice, and more, our exceptional Pianist, brings unparalleled expertise to our repertoire and training sessions.

Our Old School of Singing Vocal Coaches:

Across the UK, Europe, and the USA, under the guidance of Maestro Giancarlo Monsalve in Italy, our esteemed Vocal Coaches: Alexander Scott and Joe Sprattannia in the UK, Paula Dória in Portugal and Demetrios Jussi in Germany, inspire and guide our students towards vocal excellence, nurturing talent and empowering individuals to unlock their true potential.

Together, our exceptional team harmonizes passion, expertise, and dedication, creating a vibrant and supportive environment for our students to thrive in their musical journey. Discover the magic of The Old School of Singing and join us as we redefine vocal training excellence on a global scale.

Alexander Scott

based in London, with an exceptional vocal extension, Alexander achieves incredible high notes up to G5, making an Eb5 a normal top note in every single lesson built with Maestro Monsalve. His specialty lies in mastering and teaching the art of high notes, as well as mezza voce and diminuendo singing.

Joe Sprattannia

Based in York, UK, Sprattannia understands Maestro Monsalve's comprehensive vocal training routines. Specializing in stamina and vocal empowerment, Joe can assist you in cultivating the endurance and strength necessary for good vocal development.

Paula Dória

a remarkable Singer who has transitioned from Mezzo Soprano to a stunning Dramatic Soprano. Based in Lisboa, Portugal, Paula can help you embark on your opera journey providing guidance and technique to overcome the obstacles in your vocal journey.